Today was my birthday. 21th birthday. It was different, totally different than I would have expected. First, I was somewhere far from home; I’m staying in Orlando since I’m working in Disney World (Yeah, it’s really cool!) 

However, my day was not at all as I expected. Of course, while being I here, i expected a magical birthday, visiting the parks, getting into the attractions, and having a blast. Well… it didn’t turn out as planned, but yeah, it was still awesome. 

I started to party yesterday, and of course, I woke up so late. Late as 2:00 pm, so I couldn’t enjoy the theme parks as I was planning to. I had this huge headache, which made me stay in the apartment. Later, I slept, went on facebook, cooked some food (which sucked, by the way)… It was not at all how I wanted to spend my birthday, but it was not so bad yet. 

To celebrate, we headed to House of Blues, since I love rock music…It started going bad when a friend wasn’t able to enter cause she forgot her ID, so she couldn’t prove she was >18… She’s 20, but those are the rules… She went for her ID (and she didn’t come back) but we were now inside the place. Oh surprise, HoB plays electronic music in Sundays, so we had to ‘adapt’ to the music. 

As long as we plan things in our life, they’re not going to always and as we thought. Why do we have this crazy idea of planning our life, if we don’t even know what’s gonna happen in a year? We don’t know what’s exactly going to happen in a month, and we don’t really know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. 

Today’s lesson: make the best of the situation. Really, it works. Not everything’s going to be the way we want it to be, because we’re not the ones who decide what’s in our future. However, we’re the ones who can make the best of every situation; that’s something we can actually do. If the plan didn’t turn out to be how it was supposed to be? Make the best of it. 

We’re not living forever, so let’s just live the best way we can, make the best of every moment, the best of every occasion, the best of every day. 


Another birthday

Today’s my birthday. But it’s not any normal birthday, today I turn 21, which basically makes me be legal all around the world. 

All my previous birthdays, I’ve had sometimes bittersweet feelings, by the fact that I feel I haven’t done so many things I would’ve liked to do by now. I’m growing older, and sometimes I don’t know how to feel about it. This time, at my 21, I feel and think about millions of things. This is my first time that I spend it not in my place; I’m without my family and without my friends. Of course, I feel a bit lonely by being far away from the people I love the most, but I believe this is also a challenge for me. 

Now I’m 21, I’m not at home, and I’m in a wonderful place this summer. Can it get any better? Being 21 means that now I’m a person with bigger responsibilities, but yeah, bigger opportunities. Not being at home doesn’t mean that my friends and family don’t love me. Being in this awesome place this summer makes me realize that wherever we are, we’ve got to give the best we’ve got. We don’t know who are we going to meet, what is going to happen, where are we going to end. 

What I learn today is that we have to make the best of any situation, because you don’t know how good or bad can it be. 

There are better things ahead than any we leave behind. 


Yes… I’m sure we’ve all had fear in our lives to do certain kinds of things… We might be too afraid of what others think, if we’ll be accepted, if we’ll be “cool”… It’s normal for people to be afraid of these silly things, but I get it, we’re humans, and feeling part of the society is what it’s most important for some. But not for all. 

It’s amazing to look back in our life and realize we might have wanted to do certain things years ago. In my life, I look back and realize there’s always been things that pull me from doing whatever I like. Now, days away from turning 21, I realize how many things I’ve missed in my life due to fear. It’s true, fear kills us slowly. It makes us lose faith in ourselves, by creating ideas in our mind about what’s what people might think about the things we say and the things we do. Of course, another thing that pulls us from what we want is the possibility of failure.

The truth is, nothing lasts forever, and life keeps going on. As life goes on, thousands of our fears keep moving with us, making us stop living, and just existing. If there’s a phrase that I really love, it’s this one, that says: “You’re the oldest you’ve been, and the youngest you will ever be”. It’s time to stop being scared by our fears; I know it’s easy to say but so hard to actually do. Though, the reality is that living with fear isn’t really living. Living without feeling, without loving, without taking risks… That’s not what life’s about. 

Life’s about being fearless; it’s about learning, about falling and getting up again. It’s about loving passionately what we do, who we have as our friends, our family, loving what we do, loving who we are. 

If we fail, we get up again. If we get hurt, we get up again. If we feel like we have nothing else to fight for, we have to get up again. Let us not be destroyed by fear; let’s take those risks that we sometimes don’t feel too confident to take. If not now, then when? Life keeps going on, and as it goes on, we should move along with it, leaving all our fears behind.

Let’s not be afraid to live passionately, a life without ‘what ifs’, a life without risks not taken… A perfect life without fear