Yes… I’m sure we’ve all had fear in our lives to do certain kinds of things… We might be too afraid of what others think, if we’ll be accepted, if we’ll be “cool”… It’s normal for people to be afraid of these silly things, but I get it, we’re humans, and feeling part of the society is what it’s most important for some. But not for all. 

It’s amazing to look back in our life and realize we might have wanted to do certain things years ago. In my life, I look back and realize there’s always been things that pull me from doing whatever I like. Now, days away from turning 21, I realize how many things I’ve missed in my life due to fear. It’s true, fear kills us slowly. It makes us lose faith in ourselves, by creating ideas in our mind about what’s what people might think about the things we say and the things we do. Of course, another thing that pulls us from what we want is the possibility of failure.

The truth is, nothing lasts forever, and life keeps going on. As life goes on, thousands of our fears keep moving with us, making us stop living, and just existing. If there’s a phrase that I really love, it’s this one, that says: “You’re the oldest you’ve been, and the youngest you will ever be”. It’s time to stop being scared by our fears; I know it’s easy to say but so hard to actually do. Though, the reality is that living with fear isn’t really living. Living without feeling, without loving, without taking risks… That’s not what life’s about. 

Life’s about being fearless; it’s about learning, about falling and getting up again. It’s about loving passionately what we do, who we have as our friends, our family, loving what we do, loving who we are. 

If we fail, we get up again. If we get hurt, we get up again. If we feel like we have nothing else to fight for, we have to get up again. Let us not be destroyed by fear; let’s take those risks that we sometimes don’t feel too confident to take. If not now, then when? Life keeps going on, and as it goes on, we should move along with it, leaving all our fears behind.

Let’s not be afraid to live passionately, a life without ‘what ifs’, a life without risks not taken… A perfect life without fear


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