Another birthday

Today’s my birthday. But it’s not any normal birthday, today I turn 21, which basically makes me be legal all around the world. 

All my previous birthdays, I’ve had sometimes bittersweet feelings, by the fact that I feel I haven’t done so many things I would’ve liked to do by now. I’m growing older, and sometimes I don’t know how to feel about it. This time, at my 21, I feel and think about millions of things. This is my first time that I spend it not in my place; I’m without my family and without my friends. Of course, I feel a bit lonely by being far away from the people I love the most, but I believe this is also a challenge for me. 

Now I’m 21, I’m not at home, and I’m in a wonderful place this summer. Can it get any better? Being 21 means that now I’m a person with bigger responsibilities, but yeah, bigger opportunities. Not being at home doesn’t mean that my friends and family don’t love me. Being in this awesome place this summer makes me realize that wherever we are, we’ve got to give the best we’ve got. We don’t know who are we going to meet, what is going to happen, where are we going to end. 

What I learn today is that we have to make the best of any situation, because you don’t know how good or bad can it be. 

There are better things ahead than any we leave behind. 


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