Today was my birthday. 21th birthday. It was different, totally different than I would have expected. First, I was somewhere far from home; I’m staying in Orlando since I’m working in Disney World (Yeah, it’s really cool!) 

However, my day was not at all as I expected. Of course, while being I here, i expected a magical birthday, visiting the parks, getting into the attractions, and having a blast. Well… it didn’t turn out as planned, but yeah, it was still awesome. 

I started to party yesterday, and of course, I woke up so late. Late as 2:00 pm, so I couldn’t enjoy the theme parks as I was planning to. I had this huge headache, which made me stay in the apartment. Later, I slept, went on facebook, cooked some food (which sucked, by the way)… It was not at all how I wanted to spend my birthday, but it was not so bad yet. 

To celebrate, we headed to House of Blues, since I love rock music…It started going bad when a friend wasn’t able to enter cause she forgot her ID, so she couldn’t prove she was >18… She’s 20, but those are the rules… She went for her ID (and she didn’t come back) but we were now inside the place. Oh surprise, HoB plays electronic music in Sundays, so we had to ‘adapt’ to the music. 

As long as we plan things in our life, they’re not going to always and as we thought. Why do we have this crazy idea of planning our life, if we don’t even know what’s gonna happen in a year? We don’t know what’s exactly going to happen in a month, and we don’t really know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. 

Today’s lesson: make the best of the situation. Really, it works. Not everything’s going to be the way we want it to be, because we’re not the ones who decide what’s in our future. However, we’re the ones who can make the best of every situation; that’s something we can actually do. If the plan didn’t turn out to be how it was supposed to be? Make the best of it. 

We’re not living forever, so let’s just live the best way we can, make the best of every moment, the best of every occasion, the best of every day. 


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